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प्रेम होता है मनसे | मन चंचल है, शरीर स्थिर और जड़ है । शरीरके स्थल पर स्थिरता होसकती है , मनके स्थल पर स्थिरता बहुत मुश्किल है । सुबह फूल खिलाता, शामतक मुर्जाजायेगा और गिरजायेगा ।
फूल जिंदा है - जन्मेगा, जीयेगा और मरेगा ।

जहाँ प्रेमके बिना विवाह होता है, उस विवाह में और वेश्या के पास जानेमे बुनियादी बेद नहीं है ।वेश्या को आप एक दिनकेलिए करीदते है और पत्नी को आप पुरे जीवनकेलिए करीदते है । हालाकि साथ रहनेसे एक तरहका सम्बन्द पैदाहोजाताहै association से, लोग उसी को प्रेम समजलेतेहै वो प्रेम नहीं है ।

एक और स्थिरता है, एक और गड़ी है आद्यात्मिक (spiritual) की उस तलपर जो पति पत्नी एक बार मिलजाते है या दो व्यक्ति मिलजाते है उन्हेंतो ऐसा लगता है कि वे अनन्त जन्मो केलिए एक होगएहै । वहा फिर कोइ परिवर्थन नहीं है । उस स्थल पर चाहिए स्थिरता, उस स्थल पर चाहिए अनुभव । ~OSHO @Sambhog_Se_Samadhi_Ki_Aur_05

आत्मिक प्रेमही साछा प्रेमहै और वाही प्रार्थना बनजाता है ।।

What does the Hindi part above say?
OSHO says -
The heart is the seat of love and the heart is unstable. Body is more stable than the mind. The body is in a state of constancy. The heart is mercurial; the body is constant, stable. A flower blooms in the morning and by evening it droops, falls to the ground. Flowers are alive - born, will survive and die.

There is very little difference between going to a prostitute and being in a marriage without love. You buy a prostitute for a night, whereas you purchase a wife for your whole life; this is the only difference. When there is no love a purchase is being made – whether you are hiring a woman for a night or making arrangements for a lifetime. Of course, because of the day-to-day association a kind of relationship comes into being – and we call it love. This is not love; love is something else altogether. These marriages are simply of the body, and so the relationship can never go any deeper than the physical.

A man and a woman who can meet on the spiritual level, who can unite spiritually – even once – feel they have united for endless lives to come. There is a deep fluidity; timelessness and pure ecstasy. Love is the experience of unity. when two lives unite. When such a harmony exists between two people I call it love.
Read full from the book - "From Sex to Superconsciousness"

I am not sure whenever Osho talks about marriage which he never experienced himself. Why would the bond that manifests through marriage be less than a bond you find outside marriage? You can find each other spiritually, even in an arranged marriage. Love marriage, too. It is always dangerous to generalize just from one's own experience.

But in arranged marriage you expect love from someone who failed to love until marriage. I think first love then marriage would be properly as it brings joy in the relationship but arranged marriages are done based on - superficial appearance, carnal desires, comfort, security, respect, future, wealthiness, caste and other futile stuff except love or joy which is why I think most arranged marriages have gone to the dogs. I feel arranged marriage in nothing but a legal contract for the provision of comfort, sex and security to each other.

Hm difficult to say. I have never been in an arranged marriage. But I know that also in love marriage we marry an illusion, a projection. It needs couple of years to see the real person in the other, initially we see only what we want to see. Then the big disappointment: I married the prince, now he is a frog! Well, we all have princely and frogly aspects... can we go beyond???

OSHO may be in favour of love marriage if at all one wants to marry but he adds -
In Love marriage Joy is there, but joy too is very momentary. And the more romantic a love is, the more danger there is of falling from the peak, and then you fall into a dark valley

Yes, first we have to be married to ourselves. Then, as the cherry on top of the cake, we can take someone else in. A good marriage is a marriage with truth. Your own truth. If hubby accepts it, nice. If not, bye bye.

"more romantic a love is, the more danger there is of falling from the peak" Yep, this is about dependency Romantic love says that two people are one soul in two bodies. You singularly don't exist. Now, what if your partner starts hurting you or hindering you. In your romantic mind you think there is no life without him/her. so you remain with him/her, but suffering.

"In love marriage we marry an illusion, a projection." Long back I've sent a similar msg to my then girlfriend -
"All these days I have been relating to that xxxxx who is residing in my inner space, actually its not you but its like your virtual image created by me and to which I have been giving all the proprietary qualities that makes her more attractive and likely to me. This is all about my xxxxx, for me she is 10 out of 10 but coming to you, I don't know anything about you except the fact that you and the xxxxx that I love look similar to the outside."

What is True Love - Prem Kya Hai

By: RamaRao bobby on: 9:06 PM

Regarding Jesus coming back from death, I think it was resuscitation what really happened but not resurrection as Christians believe. Afterwards he travelled to Kashmir, lived there as Youzaasouf (the healer) and also died in Kashmir. This narrative is what I believe in as it was also confirmed by OSHO in the video - "Jesus Never Died on the Cross" @

The problem is that the Christian communities later on have changed this narrative to make him a God with the story of death on cross, resurrection and then going to heaven which is highly imaginative but unlikely to happen in real life terms. Whatdayathink?

Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a Myth

By: RamaRao bobby on: 3:25 AM

You are that unique person, unparalleled and there was never before, or never will be born after, a person exactly like you in the universe. So, each person which includes both men and women are neither equal nor unequal, but forever unique having brought a unique gift with them and they're also enough onto themselves with no need of being carbon copies or imitation of other individuals. Uniqueness of every individual is the creative beauty of the nature (or God).

You Are An Unique Person With A Unique Gift

By: RamaRao bobby on: 3:00 AM

Improper sitting posture in front of a computer shows adverse effects on your neck, shoulders, and hands. So always make sure you protect yourself first following this video and next comes your work productively. Take care! And have a good one!

Every Computer User Should See This Proper Sitting Posture Video

By: RamaRao bobby on: 1:29 AM

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By: RamaRao bobby on: 11:14 PM

The first step of meditation is throwing all your craziness out. It is a simple method, if you are not a coward – I mean if you are not a gentleman. It simply means gibberish.

Speak any language that you don't know, or make sounds, but don't sit there like a buddha; that stage comes later.

"Gibberish is to get rid of the active mind,
silence to get rid of the inactive mind and
let-go is to enter into the transcendental."

Osho Gibberish Meditation Technique - How to

Osho on Gibberish Meditation Technique

Osho Insights on Gibberish and No Mind Meditation [endtext]

What is Gibberish Meditation

By: RamaRao bobby on: 4:21 PM

Meditation starts by being separate from the mind, by being a witness.
That is the only way of separating yourself from anything.

If you are looking at the light, naturally one thing is certain:
you are not the light, you are the one who is looking at it.

If you are watching the flowers, one thing is certain:
you are not the flower, you are the watcher.

Watching is the key of meditation. Watch your mind
If you want to understand exactly what meditation is,
Gautam Buddha is the first man to come to its right,
exact definition - Meditation is Witnessing.

"Light and darkness cannot exist together; they cannot have a co-existence. Why can light and darkness not exist together? Because darkness has no substance in it; darkness has no existence in it. It is nothing but the absence of light, so how can absence and presence exist together? If light is there then absence cannot exist. If absence exists, light cannot be present there. Awareness is a single solution to all problems. "

"With Meditation Life Will Be a Sheer Joy"

Little Knows Secrets of Meditation - by OSHO

By: RamaRao bobby on: 3:31 PM

Pleasant Sanskrit hymn wishing good luck for all, universal peace, health, love, prosperity, harmony and bliss. Om Shanti!!

Shanti Mantra Lyrics

Sarveshaam Svastir Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Purnam Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Niramayaah
Sarve Bhardrani Pashyantu
Maa Kadhchit Duhkhabhahg Bhavet

English Meaning of Shanti Mantra

May good befall all.
May there be peace for all.
May there be perfection in everything.
May all experience that which is auspicious.
May all be happy. May all be healthy.
May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer

Shanti Mantra for World Peace

By: RamaRao bobby on: 3:41 PM

Jawaharlal Nehru ◄ It is shame on your part!!

Every Bhartiya (Indian) citizen should see this and think for once should we celebrate Nehru birthday as Children's day or not.

Check out Part 2 of Jawaharlal Nehru Exposed by Rajiv Dixit @

Rajiv Dixit Exposes the True Face of Jawaharlal Nehru

By: RamaRao bobby on: 6:09 PM

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